Apple yet again under hot water for limiting the app developers with its in-app payment methods

Seemingly, January 2022 is not a great month for Apple, the tech giant is facing a lot of problems with its payment system. In September 2020 Apple bounded many App creators to use the Apple payment method for their in-app purchase system. After facing a lot of criticism in November 2020, they defended themselves, and after this Apple had extended its deadline till December 2021. In the previous week Apple again extended its deadline till 30 June 2022. However, Apple has other deadlines to catch too.

On Monday, a Dutch watchdog firm fined Apple with 5 million Euros, approximately 6 million US dollars for not providing dating apps to choose other payment methods rather than Apple's system of payment in its Dutch app store.

Apple has been warned by The Authority of Consumers and Markets in December 2021 that they will face a penalty of 5 million euro (per week) and a maximum fine of 50 million euro if they will not provide creators another payment method rather than Apple's payment system for in-app purchases. The tech firm was given an extension till January 15th, to make the necessary changes failing to do so will lead to consequences.

However, on Monday, in a statement, ACM told. The tech giant has failed to readjust its app purchasing system. As a result, the dating app creator has failed to use other payment options.

When questioned, Apple stated that they did make the necessary changes, however all their adjustments were turned down and the fine was imposed on them. After this, the tech giant has not released any statement about ACM or the incidence.

Remember in November 2021, in a legal clash between iPhone maker and Fortnite creators Epic Games, the US federal courts ordered Apple to loosen up the control on its Apple store payment method. While the tech firm remains consistent on its in app payments method still, its facing consequences this year as well.

The same month last year, Apple was fined by Italy but this time, the tech giant was in a partnership with Amazon. The Italian government had fined both giants; a tech giant and the e-commerce giant 200 million Euros for preventing the official and unofficial resellers of Apple and Beats products from using Amazon.

Apple while is bringing minor changes in its in app payment method, its forcefulness for apps to only use it is wrong. We believe that Apple should quickly resort to other methods for payment too, or else it will keep facing the consequences.

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