Apple Decreases Android Phone Value for Trade-Ins

One of the biggest problems that a lot of users tend to face when they are attempting to buy the latest iPhone is that they can often be a bit too expensive for them to be able to afford. Apple is attempting to get around this by enabling users to trade in their old phones, and Android users have been allowed to avail this as well which potentially gives them hundreds of dollars in discounts on the latest Apple products.

Previously the maximum discount that Android users could get while buying a new phone was a fairly hefty $545, but it turns out that Apple is decreasing this rather significantly. The maximum discount for Android users that are trading in their phones for the latest iPhone has now been reduced to just $405, something that a lot of people might be up in arms about based on how devalued their otherwise high priced phones may now be.

While this might seem unfair, it should be noted that Apple has not included any flagship Android phones in the list. Samsung is about to release a new flagship phone quite soon, and that might be one of the main contributors to Apple reducing discounts for Android trade ins at the moment since the launch of new flagships could be factored into their future discount plans as they continue to attempt to entice Android users to switch over to their side. Whatever the case may be, this is likely going to decrease adoption rates for iPhones among Android users. It could be that iPhone is less interested in pursuing those customers, but at the end of the day the company has not released an official statement that gives an explanation for why they are doing something of this sort. Only time will tell whether Android phones will finally get the value they truly deserve from Apple.

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