5 out of 6 Wikipedia editors are against calling NFTs art due to unclear information

Many websites consider non-fungible tokens as artwork; Wikipedia does not agree with this due to its non-reliable information.

Let’s move on by describing what NFT is. As the name suggests, Non-fungible means not replaceable, fall in the digital assets such as pictures, videos, and tweets. Like ownership of an asset is recorded in terms of these irreplaceable tokens, e.g., bitcoin is a digital currency that can be replaced but not go same for a trading card, or “Mona Lisa” example is the most popular one here. And they are unique and interchangeable in that their data is stored in “Ethereum” Blockchain (a huge digital network). In recent December, an online debate came to know which subject was on the artists who sell their art online as the website editors have the freedom to contribute their words to it, which shows their not so interested concern. This is also true that websites have no idea about what work is art or not. That’s why NFT’s have their list also. But the reason behind their online protest is the non-accuracy in the information given by these digital tokens.

The worth of art is huge, and it has proven as almost 41 billion dollars sales occurred of Ethereum based Non-fungible tokens, and in the last year, it's worth is about 50 billion dollars. In the last months of 2021, a rap singer bought one of the first and most costly NFT in its history on an online artwork of Fidenza, and its price lies between 8 to 9 million dollars.

The discussion held between revisers of the “platform of truth” and confusion came out that whether the tokens are eligible to categorizing in artwork or not and on it “Duncan Cock” tweet which summarized as discussion continues on that website, but the fact that they are discussing now is not more than a rumor it would be a disaster in coming time. The founders of the NFT auction platform also tweet that now it’s the time to tell the “Wiki” that it’s an authentic artwork which soon spread all over the world and also notes that Digital art workers have been protesting for many years for the validation of their work and NFT is providing them a facility to do. This will only be possible if we educate the senior editors of that website regarding this topic and tell them how important it will be shortly.

According to the data, NFT’s sales increased from 10.7 billion in dollars in the last year, which is eight times more than 2020. The extra growth shows the very less depreciation charge on the digital assets. Some artists want to work with these token to show their artwork to the whole world.

H/T: CT / NDTV / Wiki.

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