2021 ending with "New Normal" as the most used phrase, according to Google

Another year has passed, and another phrase has emerged as the most frequently used or searched. Last year, “now more than ever”, was the most used line, and this year, in the middle of the ongoing pandemic situation, “new normal” has taken over the Internet, according to the data revealed by tech giant Google.

It is possible to learn how trends rise and fall over time using Google's Ngrams tool, which was released in 2009. However, the tool has some limitations as well. Currently, it only holds the data till 2019, starting from way back in 1800. Previously, it only had the data till 2012, but later, the tool was loaded with a massive set of data in 2019.

Though the “new normal” is at the top in 2021, the phrase was also used back in the nineteenth century. However, at that time, the phrase was usually linked to academic purposes, but then the spotlight started to fade away. And now the phrase is back in the COVID-19 pandemic and has left behind the top phrase from the previous year.

Another word that was used back in the 1800s and then came back in the nineteenth century is "vaccine." This word was used frequently because of the findings and journals being published on diseases and viral infections such as typhoid or pertussis disease.

And lastly, the third word that was checked by McHugh Johnson, contributor to the keyword of the blog, is “hybrid”. With the global lockdown situation, hybrid systems have become normal. From hybrid learning systems to hybrid jobs, The tool revealed that these words have been in use since 1800.

Since that time, though the meaning of this word is still the same, the conditions in which this phrase is now used have increased a lot. According to McHugh Johnson, 2020 gave a whole new meaning to how we adapt this word in many different ways. This is because of how greatly things have changed in the past few years and how the old way of living is now getting mixed with the hybrid way.

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