YouTube has announced a new interface to provide a better experience to its users

YouTube has finally come up with new UI updates for creator channel pages. In recent years YouTube was behaving like an old man obsessed with his obsolete traditions. On the other hand, social platforms like Instagram, Meta, Twitter and Snapchat are showing up with new features almost every month. Yesterday we woke up with a slightly different YouTube Android app interface. Here we will discuss some of its new looks. We are hoping that all of them will be in your favor as sometimes the unexpected updates may annoy you.

If you are running any YouTube channel, then this redesign might be helpful for you. They add a new option under your display picture to manage your uploaded videos. It means now you can filter out your videos and have different lists of your lives and shorts. In the same place, you will find another option for the analytics of your videos. You can quickly get detailed and up-to-date results about what actions have been taken to your channel without going to the YouTube studio. It includes the most viewed content for the last 28 days and the traffic sources. Along with the above-mentioned features, it will also show you a description of your channel.

As observed by most of the users, the other prominent change is the replacement of the display picture of your channel. It has been shifted to the center and front. With the details of the channel, subscription button, and the number of subscribers, you will also notice the join link as well. Although it was present in the old interface as well, now it is visible for those who want to be paid members of the channel for their content.

If we talk about the whole year 2021, YouTube made other changes to the platform. One can switch between two different channels with a single Gmail account. Additionally, any informative lengthy video can be broken into chapters so you can easily jump into your desired part.

Some of you will not be able to experience a new interface as the company is still in the testing phase. It would be a better idea to keep updating your application so you will not be missing out on new amazing features.

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