Twitter’s Super Follows Have Become A Money Maker For The Platform, Raking In Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Per Month

Twitter launched its Super Follows subscriber feature in September 2021, and it has gone on to become an incredibly lucrative service for the platform, raking in millions, as per a new AppFigures analysis.

Creators are managing to find homes all across the web, since let’s face it: they’re incredibly lucrative draws, that bring in ad revenue, sponsors, investors, and most importantly, new users to any platform. Of course, not all creators are equal, or even equally successful, but with the internet being the massively populated, sprawling space that it is, a lot of people manage to find their respective niches. Social media platforms have especially started introducing a number of features that can cater to creators, offering them numerous methods of monetizing their hobbies and activities, thus going on to further their stay on the respective platforms.

Instagram did this by adding in an entire store that creators could populate with their own merchandise. Facebook keeps introducing new creator programs, with a specific, Reels-based one having launched recently (which it also shares with Instagram). YouTube and Twitch are considered the ultimate creator hubs, with nearly all sorts of hobbyists managing to find their audience and revenue streams online. Finally, there’s Twitter, and that’s where the initial problem occurs. Twitter’s status as a microblogging platform doesn’t really lend itself all too well to creating content and generating user interest. Sure, it does pretty well in terms of having a sizable audience, but the audience doesn’t really have many ways of supporting creators when all the latter’s doing is putting out tiny messages into the world. That’s where 'Super Follows' comes in.

$uper Followers feature allows users to subscribe to a creator’s feed, and therefore be granted access to more exclusive content, in exchange for supporting said creator on a monthly basis or so. Monthly subscriptions cost users anywhere between USD $ 3-10, depending on the tier of content they’re subscribing to, and each tier offers different forms of content. While this certainly isn’t a novel idea, and is more or less the exact same pitch that Patreon built its entire platform on, the idea has turned out to be rather lucrative. Drawing an unimpressive USD $11,000 in its first month, Super Follows went on to experience a near ten times growth across 2021, landing at a massive USD $125,000 for the month of November.

December isn’t over yet, but Super Follows might still keep this streak up and going, if previous data has any say in the matter.

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