GIPHY Published Its List Of Most Popular GIFs Across The Internet For The Year 2021

GIPHY recently released a list of the most popular GIFs being used across the internet in 2021, with the Office coming out on top with bored Stanley!

GIFs are so commonly and widely used across the internet that it’s hard to see why they didn’t get popular right from the get go. Maybe we just didn’t have the right tools and platforms back then in order to utilize them. Neither did we have any easily accessible, large database of funny and relevant GIFs that could help supplement such an interest in reaction-based conversation. However, that’s all done with now, we have the like of WhatsApp and Facebook to use GIFs in, and we have platforms such as GIPHY in order to help supply us with that ever-precious collection of reaction clips that can be used in virtually any situation. The internet generation, and users beyond it, all have a lot of attachment to reaction images and the like, considering how much we use them in memes and online humor as a whole. GIFs help supplement such conversation with a new, accessible, and regularly updated database that really help keep things light. They also keep WhatsApp from being perpetually boring, so maybe Meta should thank GIPHY on that end.

Either way, as we enter December and 2021 starts to wrap itself up, GIPHY decided to honor the most used GIFs across the board by mentioning the year’s top and most utilized. I’m honestly very unsurprised that The Office managed to snap a number one spot. It’s one of those rare breeds of comedy that has managed to keep itself relevant after over a decade of being aired, with the first season coming out in 2005, and the show concluding its 9 season run in 2012. Michael Scott is seared into my brain from the hundreds of times that I’ve seen the “that’s what she said” GIF popping up across all of my social media feeds. This year, bored Stanley takes the cake because, if we’re being real, anything Stanley does is a complete mood.

Other major participants to make it to GIPHY fame include the very popular “Kathryn Hahn winking” reaction clip from WandaVision. Yet another popular addition is a clip of Daphne from the TV show Bridgerton laughing. Which, sure, might as well happen, maybe people really like the character and I haven’t seen the show so I can’t comment.

Other clips that also got special mentions from GIPHY include Drew Barrymore’s jiggly cake (no comments internet, please), and you guessed it: yet another The Office reference, specifically Dwight’s “It Is Your Birthday” banner.

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