Windows 11 is receiving improved Taskbar and Start Menu

Its been more than 5 months since Microsoft rolled out Windows 11. While many of the features received a great response from the Windows users, there were still some areas left that needed more adjustments.

The taskbar in Windows 11 received criticism in response to Windows 10 but now the company is trying to make up to for it. Windows is rolling out a new update that will bring back both Clock and Time to their original place on taskbar while using multiple connected devices.

While the Taskbar is getting a new updated version, other features such as dropping down or dragging files on taskbar applications still needs to be fixed. However, Microsoft is looking in to make some more changes in Start Menu of the Windows 11. The 22509 Insider build holds the power to make Start Menu capable of showing more pins and recommendations. As a result, the Start Menu becomes more tailored, while a large number of Windows users prefer using third party applications for this purpose.

According to the head of Insider Program, Amanda Langowski, Windows focused more on the changes to be made in the Settings section. This step was taken as a gesture to add more options in Control Panel through systems Setting. She told that the advanced setting of sharing files and networks including printer, file, public folder sharing and network discovery, has been shifted to a new folder under the name of Advanced Network setting.

Some minor changes also took place in the Printers and Scanners area while some options on the Control Panel now leads directly to the main setting in Windows 11. Hence, there could be a possibility that Microsoft might permanently omit the Control Panel and making settings application permanent.

All these improvements will not be released collectively, some of them won’t be out for months. Microsoft is planning to release these changes as a part of monthly changes in the operating system while some will be released at the occasion of annual update for the Windows .

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