Facebook is rolling out new trends data in Creator Studio, which can help shape your publishing strategy

With the addition of Inspiration Center, Facebook hopes to introduce additional content analytics into Creator Studio, highlighting relevant posts and hashtags within areas connected to your company page.

As per the screenshots shared by Matt Navarra, you'll be able to access the new Inspiration Center from the Home tab in Creator Studio once it's live. New insights are presented above the "see more" prompt, with hashtags and hot videos from the previous 24 hours, shared by pages similar to yours. When you click to open the new hub, you'll be presented with a number of additional criteria to search for popular material on Facebook, including page category, content type, area, and more.

Facebook insights may be extremely useful in determining what Facebook users respond to, what they like and what are the preferences, as well as how individuals in the app's target market engage with it. Within your chosen time frame, the Hub also contains information on popular hashtags, which may help you gain even more from popular discussions. Although the importance of Facebook hashtags is still debated, you'll note that you can filter the results given by platform, allowing you to see Insta hashtag trends as well, which may be quite helpful in expanding your reach.

For a long time, most of this info has been published in CrowdTangle, a Facebook analytic tool for reporters, but not everybody has access to CrowdTangle data, making this offer more beneficial to many advertisers. Of course, your total effectiveness is highly dependent on your inventiveness and consideration of the action you want your readers to do after reading your postings. However, there's a lot more to be learnt from these tools and filters when it comes to detecting new content trends, such as the usage of hashtags, caption length, videos vs photo postings, and so on.

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