Twitter releases its most trending topics and tweets as the year ends

This week Twitter shared a summary of top tweets and trends of 2021, including most liked tweets, most retweeted comments, most discussed movie and show.

"It's a new day in America "a tweet from the 46th American president "Joe Biden", with 4 million likes is the most-liked tweet of the year 2021, following right after, the second most-liked tweet from is from BTS which is a Korean boy band that has a strong fan base throughout the world. On the third place we have a tweet from Twitter itself, Twitter in the tweet wrote "hello literally everyone". Twitter made this tweet in October 2021, when Facebook and its apps stopped functioning for 6 hours making everyone jump to Twitter.

The Number one retweeted tweet of 2021, also came from BTS, for the support of Asian countries. In the path of the covid19 outbreak in America, when Asians especially Chinese citizens were painfully targeted in the USA, in March 2020 almost 1500 attacks verbal even physical were on Asians.

Since the corona pandemic arrived in our lives, we mostly stayed in our comfort zone, so the movie and TV shows are our best tools to kill time in lockdown.

Most discussed movies in the year 2021 are included some classics, like spider-man: no way home, black panther, the suicide squad, Godzilla vs Kong, Shrek, and the list goes on but the Shrek is highly discussed and most meme movie in the year 2021 but the black Panther also become a remarkable film in 2021 because. Of sudden death of actor Chadwick Boseman,

The most-tweeted TV show in the year 2021 is a reality TV show" Big Brother Brazil" and the second spot for the most tweeted TV show for a Japanese manga show named. "Jujutsu Kaisen” and the third place is for a Korean drama series "Squid Game"

When we talk about social media, even Twitter can't ignore numbering emojis in 2021. The crying emojis stood in the first place and the laughing emoji took a stand on 2nd number.

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