Twitter is making some changes including testing individual post warning, over hauling it’s reporting and DMs to compete with other social media apps

Users will be able to add specific content warnings to individual photographs and videos sent out in tweets as part of a new tool being tested by Twitter. Although there is a way to add content warnings to tweets on Twitter right now, the only way to do so is to add the warning to all of your tweets. In other words, regardless of whether or not a photo or video contains sensitive information, it will carry a content warning. It's testing a new functionality that allows you to add the warning to individual tweets and apply particular categories to them. When editing a picture or video, it appears that tapping the flag symbol in the toolbar's bottom right corner allows you to add a content warning. The following screen allows you to categorize the warning, with options such as "nudity," "violence," and "sensitive." The image or video will be blurred after you submit the tweet, and it will be overlaid with a content warning that explains why you flagged it. If users wish to see the content, they can click through the warning.

Moreover, Twitter is experimenting with a new way of reporting tweets, which it claims will make it easier for users to alert the business to abusive or suspicious activity. The solution, which is now being tested with a limited sample of users in the United States, simplifies the current reporting procedure by eliminating the need for a person reporting a tweet to select from a list of pre-selected descriptors of what rule the tweet is breaking. Instead, it will ask the user what happened in a "symptoms-first" approach to obtain more detailed information, according to the business.

Twitter and Quill have announced a new partnership that would allow Twitter DMs to compete more effectively with rival messaging apps. Quill was a team collaboration and communication messaging tool that competed with Slack and other productivity messaging systems. Its message organization was prioritized, and its notification system was meant to keep notifications to a bare minimum.

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