Twitter Announces The Winners Of Its Entirely Corporate #BestofTweets Awards As 2021 Comes To A Close

With 2021 wrapping up, Twitter has announced the winners of its #BestofTweets Awards for this year, allowing users to take a look back at highlights for the platform.

I’ll be honest about something right off the bat: I really don’t like the #BestofTweets Awards. It’s such a corporate depiction of Twitter and its content that really strive to drive out anything that feels unique or iconic about the platform. Of course, on could argue that Twitter’s been like this for quite some time, but it is frankly annoying that an entire Awards system was established and the platform still refused to honor the community that brought Twitter to where it currently is. Brands on the platform are only successful because they have a receptive core audience, even if said core audience has also become tired of them. Brands trying to be #relatable is no one’s idea of a fun time, and yet here we are Twitter. The Awards are nothing more than an incredibly successful attempt at alienating the community at large from its own platform.

At any rate, time for me to suck it up and go through the entries. The Most Tweeted About Brand award was granted to Disney+, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. The platform’s been releasing successful shows in such quick succession, ever since the start of 2021. Owning major franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars has also been incredibly helpful, since exclusive shows from these IPs is what has contributed to such relevancy. With Wanda Vision getting nominated for Emmy’s, Star Wars Visions being praised for its animation style, The Mandalorian season 2 finale getting some of biggest reception across any show on the platform, and so much more, Disney+ definitely had a top spot secured.

The Best Campaign that Connected to a Major Moment (ugh) was granted to Mountain Dew’s launch of its new Major Melon flavor. Tying the campaign in with the Super Bowl, America’s biggest sporting event, Mountain Dew also promised one of its lucky consumers USD $ 1 million if they managed to count the number of Major Melon bottles during a Super Bowl half-time ad. An ad that leads to yet another ad, how fun. At least someone got a million dollars out of it.

The Most Popular Brand Tweet is perhaps the only category winner that the community is actually hyped about, because it’s one that resonated with them. To say that 2021 has been a rough year would be a fair estimate of the times. So, it was heart-touching to many from the community when Steve from Blue’s Clues, a major cornerstone of any 20-or-above-year old person’s childhood, stopped by the Nick Jr. Twitter account. He left a short, and sweet message about being proud of his generation of viewers and their growth, saying that he “never forgot about them”. It’s the kind of wholesome delivery that seems so far detached from anything corporate, really sending the message home for everyone.

Finally, Best Brand Presence went to McDonalds. Yay, we’re done with the list, goodnight everyone.

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