Twitter Is Adding A Quicker Method Of Following New Accounts, And Has Opened Up The Tip Jar To Other Currency Exchange Platforms

Twitter is adding a new + button next to profile pictures, allowing users to quickly follow new accounts directly from their feed. According to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the platform’s also incorporated the Barter and Paga services into its Tip Jar feature.

The micro-blogging social media platform has become a very welcoming host to content creators across the world, and has been rather busy incorporating new features in order to make them feel truly at home. For content creators, feeling at home is essentially synonymous to grabbing a quick buck literally wherever possible from a crowd of young, impressionable, and adoring fans. What’s the easiest way of doing this nowadays? Well, ask for money, but call it tips instead so the entire process feels voluntary for the afore-mentioned young, impressionable minds. That’s where Twitter’s Tip Jar feature comes in. It’s a new addition to Twitter via which fans can directly send money to their favorite creators and influencers, with no upper or lower limitations on the amount. Of course, it should also be noted that my sardonic take on the feature and content creators as a whole isn’t really a serious breakdown of online transactions involving celebrity figures. If you’re of an age where you manage your own finances, and feel like supporting a content creator who brings joy in your life, go ahead! If you’re younger, and just happen to have access to your mom or dad’s card info, well, maybe reconsider.

Barter and Paga almost sound like one of the platforms that Twitter acquires, destabilizes, and then assimilated and eliminates as a part of its regular routine (RIP Vine). However, they’re just platforms for online transactions, including cryptocurrency exchange. Twitter’s made the Tip Jar feature share cross-platform compatibility with these platforms, allowing users on them to transfer money to their favorite creators in yet another easily accessible way. Yay, I guess? At any rate, it’s nice of Twitter to make Tip Jars accessible and easy-to-use for users.

The other feature isn’t a particularly innovative addition to the platform’s interface, and yet warrants mentioning at least. Twitter is now adding a + button right next to the circular profile photos that are daily encountered in one’s feeds. By tapping on this button, a user can directly follow the relevant user. This way, users that come across an interesting and/or illuminating account and don’t want to accidentally lose them, the account can be followed and therefore be added to the feed properly in the process.

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