TikTok Is Adding A Slew Of New, Accessible Video Making & Editing Tools To Ease Users Into The Creative Process

TikTok has recently added a slew of updates to its camera and editing tools, with the intention of easing users into the video making process with more accessible and intuitive features.

Video making isn’t necessarily the easiest of tasks, right? Being creative and having ideas for a video is already pretty difficult. Penning those ideas out, or even forming basic mental notes on delivery and pitch can be a small mental boulder to push upwards. The most difficult part, however, can be manifesting those ideas the way you envisioned them through your mind’s eye. Video editing, unlike writing with pen and paper, or thinking, isn’t something that comes naturally to anyone, or is even a taught basic skill. It takes a lot of work just to have some semblance of your brains’ machinations to unfold across one’s mobile screen. Also, this is TikTok we’re talking about, not many individuals on the platform are going around saying “if I really need to make it big here, I’ll need a tool library the size of Premiere Pro’s entire workspace”. People need simplistic, easy-to-grab tools that still offer a range of creative freedom.

TikTok’s already been of great help to its users in that regard, offering captions (both spoken and silent), green screen effects, and an entire section dedicated to AR technology implementation. However, things can always be made more accessible, and that’s where the new tools come in. For starters, there are new backgrounds that can be added to one’s green screen. TikTok partnered with GIPHY, a platform with a very respectable entourage of GIFs and clips from across all corners of the known world. The partnership now allows said GIFs to be easily integrated into one’s green screen background, really allowing for creativity to be introduced while also not complicating the interface any further.

A new feature by the name of Visual Enhancement will automatically adjust one’s lighting and exposure to match their surroundings, even implementing some low-level color grading in the process. Lighting is often one of the biggest concerns anyone has with shooting, since it’s quite a hassle to get right. Having TikTok automatically do it for users must be a relief. TikTok’s also adding in a mini-synthesizer, allowing users to sample the voices of common instruments and animals even. Can’t wait to see what sort of mischief Gen Z comes up with when they have access to kazoos and chicken clucking on a platform like TikTok. Or maybe I’m not thinking big enough, which makes complete sense considering both my age and the fact that I really don’t get kids.

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