Survey Reveals That The Number One Turn-Off For Consumers Is The Possession Of An Android Device

A study by DiscoverPOM reveals that owning an Android device is one of the most commonly noted turn-offs by users in the UK.

Well, as an individual with an Android on their hands, I don’t really know how to feel about this entire situation. At any rate, perhaps it should be mentioned to other fellow users feeling really disappointed in the results, owning an Android device doesn’t kick you off of the POM platform or anything. Rather, these are just results calculated from individuals using the app across the world, stating what they like or do not like in a significant other. People don’t just up and reject others without iPhones; it’s just considered to be a negative. As I say this, I realize the image being painted is not necessarily a very pretty one, but hey: if they can’t accept your Android device, they can’t accept you. There’s also a very good chance that these people are just super rich because come on! A lot of individuals have Android smartphones, it isn’t easy to always keep hocking iPhones here and there.

Perhaps I went off into a tangent about that entire “Androids are inferior” stuff, but that is quite literally how the study words it. POM, otherwise known as the Power of Music, is a dating platform built for musicians to get to know each other. That honestly explains the preference of non-Android devices, since good recording, editing, and DAW (digital audio workstation) software can be located on an iPhone much more easily than, say, a Samsung. With 2021 having been the year that individuals (eventually) decided to step outside of their houses and homes in the interest of meeting with new people, POM’s research could not have been better timed.

POM labelled major turn-offs that users commonly displayed as “icks”; because if a person has an Android device, one might as well infantilize them for it too. To be fair, many of the icks being mentioned are very reasonable complaints to have against another person. Number two on the list is refusing to learn how to drive (my, aren’t you grown up), number three is commenting on famous individuals’ social media posts (which I guess isn’t really harmful, but still). Number four is speaking in slang, because of course no one wants someone to keep asking them if they’re dtf or g2g. Wearing gym clothes to a date? Literally order them a pack of protein powder and leave the restaurant. Wearing a face mask underneath one’s nose? Yes, please tell us about how you’re afraid of no virus, but are still worried about a tiny scrap of cloth limiting your breathing.

H/T: TheTab.

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