Apple CEO Tim Cook States That He Invests InCryptocurrency, & That The Company Is Looking Into The Virtual Currency’s Integration Across Devices

After publicly claiming to invest in cryptocurrency from its personal assists, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the company is looking into what a future with virtual exchange could look like.

While a millionaire looking into cryptocurrency investment might not be the biggest of headlines, especially considering just how commonplace the practice has become, the source being Tim Cook himself is sort of a stand-out situation in and of itself. We’re all used to hearing about crypto, how it’s easy cash, and how we should all be investing in it, but this news coming from the respected CEO of one of the world’s biggest tech companies is much more impactful than from, say, your 30-year-old cousin who lives with his parents and is “in between jobs”. At any rate, Tim Cook playing around with cryptocurrency isn’t our headline; the actual news we want to discuss is the man’s comments on how Apple itself might be incorporating crypto in the near future.

So, the first question that comes into play when deciding to integrate cryptocurrency across Apple devices is one’s reason for doing so. The typical answer may be allowing for safe exchange across the multiple operating software, but there are other exchanges in mind as well. With currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum doing so well in the marketplace, having their own identifiable sense of worth, there’s always the possibility that integration will just mean good news for customers looking to buy shares and whatnot. At any rate, this is an answer that Tim Cook has divorced both himself and the company from more serious monetary exchanges involving virtual currency. While the CEO states that owning crypto is perfectly reasonable and only serves to expand an individual’s portfolio, he doesn’t want Apple to necessarily become a hub for purchasing and mining currency, stating that other platforms are sufficient for now.

So, what will crypto across Apple products look like? Well, the answer probably boils down to more consumer-oriented goals such as having a dedicated wallet, or there being the ability to purchase apps off of the App Store with such currency. Ultimately, the tech giant looks towards commodifying all forms of technology, making it easily accessible, and that is exactly what I expect from the company’s integration of cryptocurrency.


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