Super fast communication between devices could happen through Apple’s optical data transfer patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently allotted a patent to Apple. This patent is linked with an appliance to appliance communication system. This system has the ability to transfer information at the speed of terabits per second.

Transferring and sharing of data through optical fiber has been here for a long time now. This can be used both at networking level to home level via TOSLINK. The optical system is preferred over traditional copper cable because optical fibers are not affected by the Radio Frequency interference or ground loops.

On the other hand, cable free optical communication is also doing well since 1999 when it was used to communicate between devices such as Nokia 7110 and Psion 5mx. But, this type of communication has some limitations as well such as being dependent on alignment. This is also one of the issues that Apple is working on.

Apple explained this issue by saying that a gadget can hold a free space communication program to share data wirelessly with another such device. The optical system could be programmed for being in line of sight so that the speed at which data is being transferred could be increased. However, this type of system is dependent on the device alignment and as a result, it can not be loaded on a device that can be carried easily from place to place. In conclusion, if the alignment is disturbed, the speed of data transfer will be reduced.

To overcome this issue, Apple has created a moveable lens for devices that will be linked so the lens could adjust itself accordingly to the feedback signal coming from the opposite end so the speed will not be compromised. As explained by the tech giant, the whole program is based on the signals emitting from a laser diode of the source device and the lens receiving these messages at the recipient device, similarly the signals being sent by the recipient device to the source device, and through this communication, the alignment can be adjusted accordingly.

This type of communication is expected to be both faster and more secure as compared to the traditional data transfer methods such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, this is due to the accurate alignment before sharing or transferring of data.

However, in many cases Apple may talk about a vision but would not continue to turn that vision into an actual product.

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