Study Reveals US Based Businesses Have A Poor Grasp Of Best Practices In Regards To Online Safety And Encrypting Company Records On Cloud Services

A 2021 study reveals that despite the ever prevalent threat of cybercriminals, a majority of US based businesses leave half of their cloud stored data unencrypted.

It seems that, despite news about phishing attacks and mass security breaches permeating headlines on a nearly daily basis, some people just will not learn. To be more forgiving, however, it’s very possible that all of this arises from the general American populace just not having enough information about what best practices to adopt in terms of online privacy. However, emphasis upon caring for your personal information and company records, especially if you’re operating a small business and/or startup, can never be enough. We’re part of an era where all of our important data is stored online, and can thus be hacked and accessed with a little ingenuity on the hackers’ part. No need to make the job easier for them, right?

The study was conducted by ThalesGroup, and is accordingly named the 2021 Thales Cloud Security Study. The company, as one might be able to deduce from provided evidence, is a security firm that specifically works towards ensuring that clients storing their data on cloud services are keeping it secure and away from prying eyes. Their report, accordingly, keeps a heavy emphasis on cloud based security and its succeeding negligence from major companies and businesses. By the way, how many US based businesses do we know that even actively employ the cloud in their day to day life? Well, for context, it’s best to remember that 24% of all businesses state that almost all of their important workload is saved onto a cloud service.

That is rather worrying news, especially considering just how many cloud based hacks keep happening every year. Celebrities are often facing the brunt of this, with images being leaked with complete abandon. However, everyone’s vulnerable to such attacks, and accordingly should keep themselves prepared for the worst. For starters, 83% of all US businesses store over half of all company information and records on to the cloud without keeping it encrypted. That’s literally setting oneself up for a lot of unnecessary failure.

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