Smartphones at work, I repeat, Smartphones at Work

The only purpose of phones back in the days was to provide a method of communication for the user. But now it's not just communication that you want from a phone, it should be equipped with all the latest gadgets and technologies. Because that’s what makes a smartphone different from other gadgets.

Many people believe that work and phones don’t mix well together because they act as a distraction between people and their work. But that really depends on the person and the company on how they see a smartphone? Do they see it as a liability or as an asset towards them?

Most companies nowadays provide their workers with the latest gadgets and smartphones which enables them to work more efficiently and with smartphones always along them, they can work in it as well. Back in the days, you needed a computer or a laptop to do all the office work but now you can write emails, edit documents and even do important office work on it.

A poll took place in the UK and US by TechRadar where people who work at offices were asked about their mobile usage and what they use their smartphone for. It was concluded that almost 73% of the people use smartphones when they are working. And out of these people around 82% were using their own smartphones for office work because their company hadn’t issued them a smartphone.

46% of the workers used their smartphones for less than an hour, around 28% used their phones for 2 hours and almost 26% people used their smartphones for more than 2 hours.

When asked about what kind of office work they did on their smartphones, the most common answer was that they write emails to other companies or within their company on their phones. 44% of people's answer was for communication, 36% said they use phones to make appointments and 35% said they use their phones to text and communicate with their clients.

This increase in usage of smartphones is proving to be quite efficient, because that saves the company a lot of money. And with smartphones always at their disposal, they don’t have to worry about the paperwork and instead of that they can use cloud and other storage methods to save data which is pretty creative.

Alongside office work, they can even use it for their personal use in your leisure time. Within a few years, we’ll be seeing that almost all of the office work would be done on smartphones instead of computers or even laptops because a mobile device is very easy to carry and well with all the latest technologies present in your hand, who needs a computer.

Photo: Anete Lusina / Pexels
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