New discovery tools and other updated features have been rolled out on Meta for live creators of Facebook

Meta this week announced that Facebook is working on several updates to make things more accessible for the creators at the time of live streaming. These new updates will have user engaging features such as polling or a 4 person support, adding a comment option has also been updated along with adding links.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg talked about the newly released along with the upcoming features as well. He added that the updates will be available by this week. One of the best updated feature is the ability to share links by the speaker, through the link, the listener can easily visit the site of the related topics.

The ability to display links is now available for mobile phone users as well. Another old feature, the Fan Badge has now been updated. The latest version will now show the username of those who are willing to support their speaker .

Those who listen to everything their favorite content creator has to talk about, could now be getting a shoutout from them, this is due to the update which puts the name of the most loyal fans at the beginning of other names.

The Live streaming on stories will give the creator the authority to get discovered by the audience after appearing at the start of News Feed. Another new option is that if a speakers adds a comment on any post, that post and the comment will be available on the profile feed of that creator.

Responding to comments from the notifications and testing of a new platform Spotlight Conversations, through which the speaker can get more engaged with his audience, is also under process.

If a follower somehow missed the posted content, then they’ll get the content available on their feed. Furthermore, the creators wont be restricted to a single platform, instead they can switch to other site such as Instagram, as well.

From the time Meta was announced, new updates kept coming. Yesterday, it was also told that the platform will give a Professional Mode to the content maker’s user account, this would give more access to the monetization features. There are still many more new updates on their way as told by Mark Zuckerberg as well.
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