Meta with the expansion of Horizon Worlds takes new steps into VR Social

Tech giant Facebook in October changed its name to 'Meta', but it wasn't just a mere upgrade in name, the company also focused itself towards the Metaverse. The company since then has been taking quite the steps, Meta just recently announced an expansion for 'Horizon Worlds VR Creation and Interaction' which is a VR Social platform that virtually connects people.

The company with the expansion of Horizon Worlds has now made it available for all users inside Canada and America. The news of expansion was surely an exciting one for people anticipating Metaverse, with this a whole lot of people will be introduced to the VR Social experience.

Horizon Worlds, similar to Minecraft and Lego is a built and explore platform, Users in the platform will be together in a city and will be able to build, play and explore together. Furthermore, the Horizon Worlds also contains in-game applications and options that allows for users to meetup, hangout, play games and quizzes together.

The horizon surely has it all, what it doesn't have though is character legs, the game up until now hasn’t introduced legs.

AR surely plays an important part in technology and will take us to the next stage of digital engagement and will help develop the vision version of a Metaverse. However, to create a computer generated reality VR is important, and it's through a VR headset that people can go inside this computer generated world. This is why Meta is working hard towards VR.

Meta is also working on newer VR games, 'Arena Clash' a laser tag game was just released by meta, heavier games such as GTA is also expected to come to VR soon.

With Meta making fast adoption into the VR industry, Horizon World is expected to become a leading platform for the VR social industry.

This 'Horizon Worlds' expansion by Meta has been done at a very strategic time. With Facebook changing into Meta, the number of Quest 2 sales are three times higher than usual, according to estimates Meta has sold around 10 million Quest 2's since their release. This shows that the change in Facebook name and focus has convinced a large number of users to jump onto the VR world thus this was surely the best time for Facebook to expand Horizon Worlds.

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