Microsoft product related login pages are commonly impersonated by cyber criminal

Software and websites that are frequently used by people are the most favorite spot for cyber attacks. These attackers uses people's weakness for their own benefits. In a recent report shared by the famous Atlas VPN, seventy-three percent of the sites used by the criminals may look like web pages for different products of Microsoft.

Once a site is accessed by the victim, the hackers reach out to the profile of almost half of their victims within 12 hours, by the end of the 7th day, almost 90% of the victim's account are in control of the attackers.

The above data was extracted from the report of Agari on how business email accounts hacker uses the data of victim’s account.

More than half of the scammed sites were impersonating themselves to be linked with Microsoft, this is because these products are utilized all over the world. Hence, hackers use them as bait. On the other hand, almost 26 percent of the sites were portrayed as a login site for ADC, Adobe Document Cloud. Once a user would login, their Cloud would be accessed by hackers and they can easily bug them with files or could use the sensitive information on Cloud by either threatening the victim or selling it on dark web. The remaining pages were depicted as either a login page for Share Point of Microsoft or Microsoft Office 365 along with a One Drive web page as well.

Once the hacker steps in the account, they don’t take much time and immediately starts fetching the required information. They may either confirm the login data through tools or would use it by themselves. Within an hour of logging in, almost eighteen percent of the accounts are completely taken over.

By the end of 12th hour, half of the accounts were no longer in control of their original owners. At the end of the day, the number of taken over accounts would rise up to sixty-four percent and by the end of the week, 90% of the accounts would be in control of hackers.

Due to the fact that cyber attackers can take over Microsoft profiles, they can use it to send out phishing sites and links, and as a result, they can easily attack more profiles. This is why verification of shared documents should be done before accessing them.

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