Meta is planning to explore the NFT and DOA tech in 2022

Meta's activities over the years have proved the company loves jumping into new territories while capturing the ones it already owns, it kind of company's secret to the massive growth it has been able to achieve. While the company is heavily invested into the Metaverse and AI at the time, now with the start of the new year it's also looking to get into the Blockchain technology and its different branches such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DOAs (decentralized autonomous organizations) and others.

This news came in after Meta's new CTO Andrew Bosworth wrote a note to all the employees, telling them about the different types of Blockchain and crypto technologies.

While the note did not contain much details about how the tech giant would step in and play in the Blockchain and crypto market, but it did however prove that Meta would not let this consistently rising market slip out of its hands and will surely work towards developing profitable products and making heavy investments around it.

In the note to the Meta employees, Bosworth said that Meta should invest and perform in this market well before others and should look towards working with the rising wave Web 3 and Blockchain entrepreneurs.

While tech giants like Meta and Google are highly centralized platforms and are significantly different from what the Block Chain and Web 3 technology stands for, Meta CTO Bosworth regarding this said that Meta is highly centralized and will stay that way which is why it should not compete with others working on decentralized technology.

With this note it is clear that Meta would now move forward to work in the Block Chain and crypto technology in the coming years. This makes Meta another one of tech giants from the Silicon Valley who are highly centralized but are looking to invest and profit from this new wave of Block Chain and Web 3 technologies.

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