Insights into regions where Reddit is frequently used

The data analysis team at Statista, has shared some insights on the famous American discussion forum, Reddit.

The ongoing year has become a successful year for many social media platforms, and Reddit is one of them. It not only gained a great number of users but also expanded its forum with the introduction of wallstreetbets, a platform solemnly reserved for discussion on stocks and trading.

In the 4th quarter of 2020, Reddit recorded 40 million active users. These monthly active users have now boosted to 58 million in the Q3 of the ongoing year. As a result, the platform has successfully gained a spot for itself among other well-known social media applications and sites.

Statista's Global Consumer Survey revealed that nineteen percent of the United States' social media consumers also use Reddit. Other countries with English as the basic communication language, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, are the top 5 states where Reddit is used frequently.

The application is also getting popular in Asia, particularly in India. According to the survey report, sixteen percent of the survey participants agreed that they frequently visit the application and read the discussions on the platforms. Other than India, countries such as the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden also hold more than a 10th of the social media consumers who are also active on Reddit.

For a platform with millions of active users, it is important to keep everything in line for user safety. This is why, before introducing its initial public offerings, the application took measures to fix the metrics over the last year. More than 360 million posts were added to the platform via one hundred thousand communities, representing a nearly nineteen percent increase year on year. As a result, the numbers have now gone up by 2.3 billion, as shared by the site. Despite such numbers, the company also takes action against posts that cross the guidelines. Back in 2020, eighty-five million pieces of the posted content were removed for being spam or carrying hateful speech, as well as for sexualizing teens and minors.

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