Google still helping masses as Covid’s new variant comes to knock the world

With 2021 ending, corona is knocking on our doors again. The world was not aware of the word ‘Corona’ before. It was late 2019 when the first detected case of the corona pandemic arose in Wuhan, a city in China and then eventually spread worldwide.

Corona-virus (covid19) is a viral disease caused by SARS-CoV-virus. The actual source of viral transformation is still unknown. From the corona virus people usually get the common flu and cold to a severe chest infection which in some cases causes death.

From December 2019 to December 2021, Covid is still here with us with its different variants, After SARS-CoV, Delta, and others, now the omicron variant is knocking on our doors, rapidly. According to WHO (World Health Organization), Omicron is now in most parts of the world even though it has not been detected and understood yet.

In the past two years Google and other applications are helping the people in their best ways through the power of social media. Not only can people know about the estimated number of cases in different regions, but also are updated with the protection strategies they can acquire.

In Covid 19, Google added on Google Maps, a Covid layer to show how much affected the area with positive cases is. This feature was very helpful when you are going to travel to any country. Google added hotel policies summary on their The tech giant also informed people about Airlines policies in a pandemic when we discuss about health and safety.

Moreover, it also helped the people during those hard days in other ways as well. Google was helping people, by giving information about vaccination and vaccination centers, and educating people about precautions and why the vaccine is necessary.

Similar to before, Google is still supporting communities in the recent, Omicron variant of the corona.

In the latest tweet Google announced, they have added some new features to find help, to protect our valuable relations and ourselves from the Covid.

When you are searching for vaccines and vaccination centers in the U.S. Google is here for you as always. Google will automatically show your nearby vaccination centers and they include filters by sorting vaccine type because every vaccine is not suitable for less than 18 years old or old age people, they will also provide links for making an appointment for testing the virus

This feature is available on Google web and android apps both.

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