A Survey Reveals That Majority Of The US Population Is Comfortable With Others Getting DIY Cybernetic Enhancements

A survey conducted by Tidio reveals that most of the US seems to be completely fine with individuals getting cyborg attachments to their person.

A rather random study to have been conducted, sure, but an appropriate one regardless for chat-bot service provider Tidio. Who else would be as invested in bionic, machine-like attachments that bring about quality of life improvements in one’s day to day activities, right? At any rate, the company conducted a survey with a sample population of 1,127 US citizens, 57% male, 42% female, and an average age of 32 across the board. Platforms such as Reddit were recruited into the data collection process, with Tidio’s own team analyzing and presenting its findings. The results are surprisingly positive and receptive as a whole.

We’re from a generation that was (or is) terrified of getting tattoos or even unseemly piercings because of the social stigma that surrounds such concepts. Whether it be under the guise of religion or suburban mob mentality, such things are tied to illicit activities and rowdy behavior. Then again, why did I ever expect suburban white people to understand that tattoos and piercings are quite normal and even indicative of typical healthy behavior in other parts of the world? One would expect that such stigmas and societal dissonance would lend itself to the idea of body parts being replaced with bionic ones, right? Well, apparently that does not seem to be the case at all.

Overall, most of both gender groups accounted for were completely fine with DIY cybernetic upgrades to one’s person. Only 12% of the population declared complete aversion to the idea, which were comprised of 18% of all females and 8% of all males. Not a bad number to start off with. Of course, not everyone who agreed to DIY upgrades did so without any caveats. 29% of the entire sample population declared themselves to be completely fine with the decisions others took with their respective bodies. 32% agreed with the implantations, but stated that they should be performed by certified individuals, which is a very fair statement to make. 27% stated that such procedures should only be performed under the supervision of healthcare professionals.

Either way, that’s a total of 88% of the entire sample population that is completely fine with DIY cybernetic enhancements. However, why the sudden change in perspective for Americans? Well, to start us off, the average age of the population was 32. Younger individuals tend to be much laxer about imposing any societal regulations on others, especially since they’ve suffered the same from their elders. Perhaps people are less averse to neon highlights on body parts that are already cybernetic since, well, they’re not part of a person’s actual self. It’s a weird take, yes, but I found tattoo restrictions to be weird in the first place.
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