Google Has Made Both Virtual And Real Shopping Easier For Users With A Few Updates To Chrome And Lens

Christmas is right around the corner, and Google’s helping out purchases by adding features to its products that will help users find price drops without having to reload pages constantly.

So, as we’re all probably familiar with, Chrome displays products on sale from a particular brand’s online market, or will even display a wide assortment of brands and outlets for the same product. They often show such consumer goods right underneath the Search bar, whenever a relevant search is made. More so than that, there are many plugins for the browser app, dedicated entirely to searching up the best possible deals across the web (fair warning, not all of them are by Google. Or trustworthy. Or both). However, deals often require refreshing in order to reappear, and literally no one has the time to keep doing that. For the most part, this isn’t really an issue since no one spends their entire day refreshing a page in the hopes of coincidentally matching their timing up with that of a brand’s IT guy, and striking gold in the process. Deals aren’t really all that common, and aren’t always announced beforehand either. However, things become different whenever November and December roll out.

These are the months dedicated to a slew of holidays and brand deals in quick succession: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and then the winter holidays. It’s quite literally a free-for-all as far as discounts and flat-offs are concerned, and people have taken note. Black Friday and Christmas time are especially both beneficial and egregious days to shop on, since the deals are often stupendously generous to one’s wallet, but the literal carnage that precedes a transaction is torture. People literally get into brawls over air fryers, it’s a very worrisome scene. Sure, online sales are by proxy less violent and, for lack of a better word, stabby, but it isn’t the most ideal of scenarios. This is the one time when everyone’s got their eyes peeled online, refreshing in order to wait for the second their Jordans drop down by 20%. “Which is still a super expensive deal, by the way” I shout, but go unheard. After all, fresh kicks really are the only joy some people have left in their lives.

With the new Chrome update, deals are updated without having to refresh one’s page, which is something users can really take advantage of as Christmas time comes by sooner and sooner. Another feature has also been released in order to supplement shopping fancies, in the form of Google Lens allowing for window shopping. If you’re up and about, but don’t want to inconvenience yourself by walking into different stores and dealing with all the rush, then just pull out your phone and point it towards any notable outlet. Lens will immediately pull up their catalogue, allowing you to gauge whether or not you should just do it.

There was literally no other way for me to end a Black Friday and Christmas-centric article without making a brand pun on my way out.

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