Emails can now be recalled within 30 seconds in the updated version of Gmail

Good news Gmail users, the undo option, which enables the sender to retreat the delivered email in five seconds is now getting an upgrade. The new update of the Emailing service will now introduce several time limit options in which the sent email can be brought back safely.

However, this new version is limited to Windows Web users and Apple’s iOS users. The different time slots will offer email to be extracted back either in just five seconds, ten, twenty and maximum in just thirty seconds.

The original email undo option was introduced for Web users back in 2015, where any email sent by mistake to anyone could be corrected if the user taps the undo button within 5 seconds, after that the email will be gone and sender won’t be able to remove it from the receiver’s list.

After almost 6 years, the web users are now finally getting an updated version of the feature. As for the Android device users, it has been stated in the user support page for Google, that Android devices are currently unable to use the multiple time feature.

Enabling the new undo feature is as easy as retreating a sent email . For the Web users, they can simply tap the settings option after logging in to their respective Google account. After a single tap on settings, an option will be visible offering all settings. After clicking on the undo send, users will now be offered with 4 different time slots as the time to stop an email. Once the user has clicked on one of the four available options, they simply need to go further down on the page and save the changes to enable the new option.

The same procedure can also be followed by Apple users as well. Meanwhile, few other features were also launched on this platform, these new options include the ability to do a video or an audio call. However, this call can only be placed between two people. Along with this, basic details of the receiver are now also available to the sender. These details include the complete name of the receiver and additional columns if a user outside the contract list is being saved on the list.

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