An Early Christmas Gift, Messenger and Cosmopolitan join hand to bring smiles on users faces

Who doesn’t want to spend new year’s eve with their friends and family, everyone knows that the spirit of new year wants people to be with their families, it wants them to enjoy and have a blast but with these hard times it’s not possible for everyone to enjoy new year’s eve as they used to.

That is why Facebook Messenger has come up with a solution which would at least bring a smile onto many faces. That’s where messenger is winning the hearts of its users. Messenger in collaboration with cosmopolitan has come up with some new features and effects that will make you forget about all the things that are going on and will help you to connect with your loved ones.

This “Chicken Nugget” feature that is introduced by Messenger is quite unique. People can get into an AR group video chat with their friends and family and just when the clock is about to strike 12 at midnight, they can comfortably enjoy the new year’s toast while sitting in their PJ’s at home. This feature brings you a glass of champagne on your screen which is filled with some chicken nuggets, you can tap on your screens and enjoy it as if you were out with your friends in a bar.

Not only that but you can also choose your favorite effects from a library of over 150 choices, you can get access to those effects when you play those Christmas games on messenger. That way you can get more and more effects and have a bit of fun all at the same time

To Access Nuggets, you need to open up your messenger or Instagram app, start your video call or group chat room and then click on the little smiley face to open the effects tray, and then select Group Effects.

We all know that Messenger has been struggling for a while to bring the new generation towards them, and this feature seems to be a step into the right direction. We still don’t think that it’s going to be enough.

The company has many of the best minds connected together that could yield out new and innovative ideas such as how to attract younger minds into using their app, still they are not able to generate that sort of buzz that would make their users go bananas.

We don’t quite yet see what Meta has planned for itself on how to regain its popularity, because the things that they have recently produced haven't been able to start trends or even change them. But this “Chicken Nuggets'' Feature is definitely a cool step taken by the company.

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