Amazon Files A Patent That Would Enable Facial Recognition (Updated)

Over the past few years Amazon has been trying to expand its services, they usually deal in services such as servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security.

There is this trend that is being picked up by many people about having smart appliances and the idea of having a “Smart Home”. For those of you who don’t know what a smart home is, you’ll find out in a bit.

Smart homes work of the principle of having to control electronic appliances by the means of technology. It allows them to control their thermostat, lights, fans and many other appliances remotely by using a simple smartphone or a tablet that is connected to the internet.

One feature that Amazon has recently added to its doorbell is a smart camera feature. Ring is basically a company that is owned by Amazon. Ring focuses on making doorbell cameras and provides them to houses that work on the above principles of smart home.

Since Amazon has recently been granted 17 patents, they describe a feature that would somehow make the door answering experience more safe for the home owners because that smart doorbell camera would be coming with a new facial recognition system.

This means that not only that it will be able to identify who is at the front door but it would allow the owner to “Spy” on their neighbors which also raises a question on the products integrity itself. One benefit that can be seen if you install this facial recognition system is that you can identify if any “Suspicious” people are caught by the camera.

Now the question is how does the camera work? Well the camera has a database which would save and scan people’s eyes, face , irises , skin texture, gait, voices and reports say that it might be able to recognize them by their odor.

Ring has now further joined it’s hands with over 1900 police departments and what it does is that it shares the captured footages with the department to find out any unusual activity or if some horrible incident has occurred. This new and pretty advanced system is now becoming a center of attention for smart homes evangelists.

According to a recent survey done by Statista Digital Market Outlook, we might see a really huge spike in the demand of these smart doorbell cameras in the upcoming years. It is estimated that these smart security cameras would penetrate the smart homes market to about 7.1% by 2026 as compared to their 2.0 % in the year 2020. Not only that, the market of smart locks which also has a huge potential in smart homes will receive a 5.4% raise by 2026 as compared to their 1.4% in 2020.

Update: "Ring does not have facial recognition technology nor biometrics in any of its devices or services," a Ring spokesperson said in a statement. "Patents filed or granted do not necessarily reflect products and services that are in development."
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