YouTube is secretly paying TikTok influencers and other top content creators up to $50,000 to post YouTube shorts

The video hosting platform YouTube is reportedly in cooperation with numerous content creators around the globe to urge them to make and post YouTube Shorts on its forum. However, one can say that it is a tactic that has been opted by the company to defeat its competitors by seizing its audience. And so far the company's YouTube shorts are progressing actively that it is about to overtake its opponent platforms and apps.

The YouTube shorts was initiated earlier this year with an intent to submit an abrupt and short video to its users considering the emerging interest of the audience towards the short video content, taking less time to watch, similar to any other short video making platform, a one-minute lengthy video.

A report by Insider on Wednesday reveals that YouTube has introduced multiple projects in competition with its rivals. To which it is paying money to numbers of TikTok stars and other content producers for making and posting short videos on its forum to gather their viewer's traffic on its outlet, informed several content creators to the news forum. However, these projects are absolutely distinct from the 100 million dollars YouTube shorts fund launched a couple of months back which aims to grant 100 dollars to the creators of the most celebrated short as a reward.

The report further discloses, the two content managers added that these programs involved several proposals for the creators including posting 100 shorts within the 6 months duration for a $50,000 payment. Additionally, the platform was ready for amount negotiations.

Another program offers 80 shorts aggregately of which thirty should be created by the shorts app tools specifically.

Moreover, the platform also paid creators for the music video shorts for different music campaigns.

A company's representative proclaimed that the company has already asked several creators to receive their payment for the 100 shots fund program and further refused to comment regarding other programs.

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H/T: BI.

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