YouTube Is Adding Features To Its Full Screen Mode To Make It More Accessible For Users

YouTube is adding in even more features to its full screen mode, following up accessible comment sections and descriptions with accessible like/dislike buttons, playlist additions, and more.

YouTube's Upcoming/New Full Screen Interface With Buttons
YouTube's really looking to go all in on making full screen the default norm of watching videos for users. Which, to be fair, is also something most users would already agree with. Ever since YouTube integrated the ability to watch vertical videos in full screen, going back to default mode seems less and less necessary. It can even prove to be distracting and annoying, with other video recommendations really pulling a user out of what they're watching right now. Besides, especially where mobiles are involved, videos are kind of small outside of full screen. Why would you want to put yourself through that, right?

At any rate, YouTube is here and eager to help. One could even go as far as to argue that it's maybe over-eager. Developers have been adding in more and more features to full screen mode, ensuring that users have virtually no reason to ever leave full screen. Our previously added, or rather, tested, features included the ability to view comment sections and video description boxes without having to leave full screen mode. The comment box feature was added to the interface next to the play button, while descriptions can be accessed by tapping on the video title. These are the first steps towards making sure that YouTube becomes a fully full screen medium. Either that, or the Devs are literally throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks.

The next few features, as per AP, that have entered A/B beta testing rounds include the ability to like or dislike a video from within full screen mode. Much like our previous features, the like/dislike buttons will be added to the YouTube video timeline bar. All one has to do is tap on the relevant button and everything's golden. The second feature at hand is the ability to add a video to one's playlist. If a video comes across as enjoyable, but watching it in full screen is more enjoyable, then you can now add that video via the playlist button without exiting. Finally, videos can also be shared without leaving full screen. Button's in the timeline area, the feature's under beta testing, pretty sure everyone knows the drill by now.

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