YouTube interpolates, description box along the comments section precisely on full screen, stressing to mar the view

Lately, YouTube inducted a full screen comments feature, pointing up on to display the comments section on the right side of your screen, exclusively on android devices to distort the watching view.

One can presently enjoy watching concurrently read the comments at once on android phones. However, this is solely practical in full-screen mode.

Now the platform has come up with some more unique ideas to offer its users.

By knocking on the mobile screen, accordingly, the headline of the video, the company sans typeface instead of android default robot. Watching in a full screen view will now propose to present the description section along with viewership stats and the channel symbol.

Enabling the full-screen mode, the remarks will appear second to a minimized version of the video in a sliding column. The offered recent multitasking element qualifies you to watch the content.

Subsequently reviewing acknowledgments or replies on a video, one can conceal or shut the comments section from sight just by pushing it downwards from the banner. Consequently, the video turn backs to its normal size.

Android Police noted that commenters demarcmj specified that the board also illustrates the chapters for videos that employ that element, propelling it manageable and effortless to scroll over the video.

No particular version of YouTube is mandated to function this feature, you are just compelled to stay patient and if this feature is not available on your device at the moment.

It is the very first opportunity that the platform is enabling the users to promptly connect with off-screen components exceptionally in a full screen manner.

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