The YouTube Android App Made A Small Aesthetic Tweak To Its Interface, Removing A Small Black Bar From The Bottom Of The Screen

YouTube has recently edited its Android app, fixing an issue and allowing the lower border to finally meet with the screen.

Converting a massive website into a phone application is not at all easy to do. Oftentimes entire features are lost within the process of translating from the big screen to the small screen, if you well. Facebook's mobile app has a terrible interface for Pages, and therefore even has an entirely separate application dedicated to the process. Of course, all the features from a website are difficult to get through. However, YouTube has had a pretty good run of it. The video streaming social media giant has perhaps one of the best translations from desktop to mobile, with an application that while not perfect works incredibly well. Except for one teeny, tiny issue.

The borders didn't match up.

This is, essentially, a non-issue. Borders have no functions outside of defining the limits within which one's app works. And as far as the YouTube app was concerned, those were defined just fine. There was simply one very, very thin black bar that would be found at the bottom of the phone screen. The bar was essentially the size of the grey scroll bar and ended up contributing to an overall look that, while not dysfunctional, slightly murdered the perfectionist in everyone. It's the annoyance of seeing something just slightly out of place that people on the internet keep mixing up with full-blown OCD. Like a series of tiles with one of them being a little too much to the right.
Well, that is no longer an issue, since a recent patch to the YouTube app fixed it. Great! We've finally done it. After years and years of hard work and effort we've managed to remove a very thin black bar from the bottom of the screen.

Perhaps this really doesn't warrant much more than a pat on the back.

Another more significant edit to the interface was also made, concerning the application's overall look under the dark mode setting. Previously, the bottom of the screen didn't change color to coordinate with the rest of the app when in dark mode. However, with what I assume is just a dash of coding aesthetic, it now does. Combined with the removed black bar, the overall app does look so much more refined.


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