With Facebook Turning To Meta, WhatsApp Also Brought Forth An Array Of Updates

Facebook recently changed its branding and will now be known as Meta, a representative of the next step that Mark Zuckerberg decided to take with Oculus leading the way to the metaverse that bases itself on Virtual and Augmented Reality. As Meta has taken on a new shape and form, its subsidiary, known as WhatsApp, has also taken action with new upgrades and features that have allowed the users to explore more to the global popularity of the communication giant as it took a hit a while ago as Facebook and all of its subsidiaries went down for about six hours.

The first of these updates from WhatsApp revolve around its business model and its expansion of the feature of uploading the Business API to the cloud as a whole. By starting around as a whole, building on the established infrastructure of Meta and its cloud sharing strategy. This seems like the new idea over to the audience and the developers as the recent API based management does not work on the cloud but Facebook is the innovator and therefore WhatsApp’s new innovation that started over its testing phase is expected to reap good results on the business end.

The second of these updates were reconciled as the recent developments of the features revolved around a new desktop editor for photos for users to use as the first of the feature to allow for greater accessibility and equal transition between web and Android versions of WhatsApp. Another feature introduced by WhatsApp was something in the works for a long time and already introduced over to mobile devices as the links preview was now extended to the web along with the sticker suggestion as well as the link preview over to web Whatsapp.

Furthermore, with features, the third of the updates brought forward with the picture in picture feature from the clouds extending to the subsidiaries of Meta, namely Instagram, and at times even extending over to the applications such as YouTube as well, however, this is only to be tested on iOS since Android users have already been graced with the feature. The new Beta version of WhatsApp has allowed it to extend the security and safety and manages more to the users than was previously administered. This step would ensure further advancements through WhatsApp and towards better accessibility for users.

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