WhatsApp to include Facebook Novi wallet in the app, execute beta testing

Facebook, now Meta, a few days back commenced a minor pilot trial of the Novi cryptocurrency wallet, particularly in the US.

After some days of the trial activation, the initial news of Novi wallet to be encompassed into the WhatsApp app has been circulating widely.

A report by WABI published on Friday, 29 October, asserted that WhatsApp is now assessing Novi's cryptocurrency wallet into the app. This will permit the users to deliver and collect payments immediately in the US, through the messaging platform without vacating it. The company has instructed a modern update via the Google Play beta program, taking up the version to

This fresh introduction brings information about prospective agendas and proposals for payments by operating Novi wallet.

Novi is a digital pocket that permits the users to transfer and accept e-cash safely and promptly, without charging any fees for transactions.

The chief of Facebook financial, David Marcus, on his Twitter handle acknowledged that Novi will soon embark on a minor pilot program borrowing USDP within their only app, particularly in US and Guatemala.

Furthermore, Facebook has already indicated its eagerness to welcome Novi in the Facebook group of apps and services network, similar to WhatsApp.

The report affirms that noting that Novi stresses the privacy of user data, encrypting the entire financial info, this proposed feature is perfectly cordial with the standards of app platform assuring a modern protected means to swap money with allies and mates rapidly.

The status of this feature update is still under development, that is it is not yet ready to serve its users not even available for trails. Presently, exclusively the code part has been incorporated for now.

Momentarily, the company is assessing to meld the Novi into WhatsApp, but these trials have been kept only between the developers who are inside the company and have not been submitted for public tests. Nothing can be said to be the approximate anticipated period of its availability for the general public. One can say that, if this update is made into the app, that would be a huge achievement for the platform but it is not as easy because there are a lot of regulations that need to be ratified when its execution will be available.

The Novi pocket in the WhatsApp outlet will below users to access add their bank accounts or connect a card, withdraw cash into the bank account, and discern the bank transactions or check account balance.

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