Twitter is currently working on two updates: enhancement options for attached images/videos and letting people indicate media as Nudity

After testing the upcoming feature for the past few months, Twitter is finally to roll out its updated visual customization and editing tools for the users. The new feature will enable users to add texts, stickers, cropping, and all other things they can do to their uploaded videos or photos. The feature more likely resembles those of other social media apps that make your feed look more creative. Lately, users are coming across the new option that happens to appear in the App.

Along with providing complimentary options, the update also includes the new UI for your tweet visuals. Compared to all other visual editing tools in other Apps, this update reflects more elegance and alignment.

To manifest the difference between before and after, @WFBrother posted images of the current visual editor that also indicated the updated format style.

For further enhancements to the App, Twitter imitated the key visual elements of Fleets to its new UI. It enables the users to create various full-screen visual displays within their tweeted images.

When Twitter announced its retirement from Fleets in August, it said that the lessons it learned from the failure of Fleets, will be utilized to bring more enhancements and developments to Twitter. The company has provided what it promised back in August; a full-screen camera, text formatting options, and GIF stickers.

The updated visual display format will allow the Twitter feed to look more creative by showing enlarged images with tweet streams.

The social media giant further updated the netizens that it is testing some new updates to its Camera and Gallery, allowing more users to creatively express themselves through the tweets- to a greater extent. Currently, the update is only available to a small group of users.

A recent Tweet by Jane Wong, an app researcher, reveals that the company is planning to introduce author-flagged “Content Warning” to the Web App too for the feature parity. The Tweet was followed by some screenshots that indicated how an author-flagged content warning for a Tweet would look like. It shared a blurred picture that showed a content warning and said that the Tweet author indicated the Tweet as showing sensitive content.

The users are excited to experience both the new features by Twitter.

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