Facebook plans on sitting and discussing some mutual changes and recommendations on how Oversight Board operates

Facebook not even a year ago formed an Oversight board. It was a team of law makers who decided and took big decisions for Facebook that the tech firm was not able to take itself. Initially Facebook was very positive about the last board and the decisions taken by its directors. However, in less than a year Facebook seems to think otherwise now.

The company however is not fed up with the board and its decision, but it believes that the recommendations it gives out to the tech firm can be evaluated and changed on some basis.

According to the tech firm, over the past year they have brought about many changes that the Oversight Board had issued to them. Changes included handling hate speech and nudity on the platform as well as combating misinformation to name a few.

However, while the changes and decisions were right in their place, Facebook now believes that some recommendations the Oversight Board is pushing on the social network, may not be the best in the longer run for the platform and hence Facebook' team has decided to sit with the oversight board and see some other routes and ways that changes and recommendations can be implemented.

Currently it is not known on how the Oversight Board feels on this, because it was solely made to take the decisions by the tech firm itself. When asked to further questions, Oversight board did not respond and Monika Bickert from Facebook denied to elaborate the situation any further.

While Facebook may say that the board's decision sometimes can be a lot to assess and implement, the Facebook critics believe that the board has always been for show.

Facebook was caught up in many scandals and then it created the Oversight board to let the world understand that it will not be handing over it's important decision to them. However, many believe that the Oversight Board is just an exterior Facebook is putting up and that the company is still taking decisions itself.

This theory erupted after the Oversight board asked the company to remove US president, Donald Trump account for definite period, but Facebook went on with its own decisions and removed it for indefinite period.

Facebook hasn't still revealed what changes and recommendations will it be discussing with the Board, however, whatever it is we'll soon find out.

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