Can Labels Offer More Brand Awareness Than Traditional Marketing for Small Businesses?

We are living in a day and age of market saturation, and there is perhaps no market that is quite as saturated as that of advertising. Ads have become the main source of revenue for some of the biggest companies in the world, including the likes of Google and Facebook.

These days the average person is estimated to see anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads in a single day if they use social media. That’s several times higher than the number of ads people used to see before the rise of social media and the internet. One reason for this is the affordability of social media ads. You’d only need to spend a little over $700 on Facebook ads to have your brand exposed to around 100,000 people.

Now, ads are not harmful in and of themselves. In fact, many of the ads that you might see are marketing small, up and coming businesses and startups. These small businesses rely on the affordability of online advertising. One could even say that these marketing options have democratized commerce by allowing smaller businesses to get more exposure which helps them compete with larger corporations who might have larger ad budgets.

However, the fact remains that the ad industry is facing a major crisis because of market saturation. The massive number of ads that people are exposed to day to day has made each individual ad far less effective. People often ignore ads that they see online. Even more expensive ads such as TV ads are ineffective because most people just change the channel when they come on. The only truly effective traditional ads might be billboards, but it’s highly unlikely that a small business would be able to afford those.

What then can small businesses and startups do to create effective ads on a budget? The answer is content marketing. It’s not that online ads are ineffective in and of themselves, rather it’s the kinds of ads that people are frustrated with. Most of these ads are not very subtle, and many users often develop an unfavorable opinion of brands that use this method. Traditional ads use very obvious techniques, and the fact is that the average person doesn’t like to feel like they are being advertised to because this can sometimes seem duplicitous or manipulative.

Content marketing, on the other hand, does a far better job because of its subtlety. With this type of marketing, you won’t be trying to convince anyone to buy your product outright. In fact, you might not even directly mention the benefits or qualities of your products. Rather, you would create content, whether in the form of videos, blog posts or virtually any other kind of medium, that would reference your products subtly. The key here is to make sure that your content holds up on its own. Your products should never be the focal point of the content, rather they should be mentioned in such a way that your prospective customers might realize the advantages of buying from you indirectly.

Not all of the content that you create has to be entertaining, or even posted anywhere online. A great form of physical content marketing involves the creation of logo labels and stickers that feature your brand name. Customer loyalty is something that you can greatly capitalize on by offering freebies that they would use to personalize their clothing and gadgets, and stickers are great for this because of how affordable they are.

These labels can also contain information that people can use to get in touch with you, including social media handles and other contact details. You can place labels on your products so that anyone that sees them would instantly know who made them. That way you don’t have to tell anyone about your products or convince them to buy them. Rather, if someone sees your brand’s label, they would likely have already sampled your products and formed an opinion about them. This allows you to focus on product quality, so that anyone that sees your label has a reason to check out what else you have to offer.

An added advantage of labels is that they can make them extremely affordable. You can buy label printers that would create custom logos and designs on your labels. They can also create custom stickers which you can hand out for free, thereby boosting word of mouth marketing that can be exponentially increased through a coordinated social media stimulation campaign.

Integrating these labels and stickers into your other marketing campaigns can boost their efficacy, and you can incorporate them into your wider content marketing strategy as well. For example, you can add tags or QR codes to your labels that people can scan which would take them directly to your website or any other online space that you operate from.

The overabundance of marketing options online has in some ways led to an ineffective strategy from many brands. They tend to put up countless ads and spend significant portions of their marketing budgets on ads that most people might not want to see. Subtle marketing techniques that provide actual value to people can do your brand a world of good while costing you a fraction of the price, and your brand might get some good will in the bargain too.

Digital branding is important, but don’t forget that people don’t eat and sleep in a digital space. The physical world still exists, so creating physical branding is not something you can compromise on. Labels with your logo and tagline on them can make your brand seem relatable, and customers often prefer brands that don’t try to market too aggressively. While vast marketing campaigns might seem like they’d be part of a successful enterprise, they often don’t translate into sales which is a sign of their inefficiency. Generating leads and sales should be the main goal of your marketing, and labels and content marketing have a much higher conversion ratio in that regard. Grasping the solution to create customized labels, you might as well consider Munbyn.

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