Meta is planning on opening Retail Stores for people to test out its Reality Lab Gadgets and Products

Facebook though has been facing a lot of criticism lately, it isn’t letting all the heap of accusations affecting its growth. The tech firm recently changed its brand name to ‘Meta’ from Facebook and now a report has reveled that it is planning on opening retail stores which will showcase its products.

However, the plan of opening the retail stores has been long thought even before the concept and rename of Meta and hence since last year Facebook has been planning o launching stores in specific areas.

According to the NYT, the stores will not be like a normal shop, but more like an experience area and will only contain gadgets and devices which will be launched by its Reality Labs. According to some internal documents, users will be able to test out some really cool gadgets made by Reality Lab like Oculus Quest (which will soon be changed to Meta Quest) and other portal gadgets and Reality Headsets. The smart glasses called ‘Stories’ which was made by Facebook in collaboration with Ray Bans are expected to be in store as well.

The company according to the documents wants the shop to be simple, minimalistic and have a vibe where users feel comfortable, relaxed and free to test out the devices. In short, the goal to open this retail store by Facebook is to spark a curiosity and urge for users to test out products before they make a decision to buy them.

Till now, the idea is still in the open air and the company has only developed their thought process. Nothing is confirmed about its launch and no steps have been done in order to start working towards it. So, there are high chances that this idea might be brushed under the rug and never come out like many other ideas before.

However, if Meta goes forward with the launch of the retail store we for sure know it is going to be a hit in the community. From what we know, if the company goes forward with the idea the first store will make its appearance in Burlingame, California, where the Reality Labs office is located. If successful, the project is expected to make its way throughout the globe in many different regions.

Facebook is working towards a lot of great stuff lately and the future of the tech looks promising in the hands of the tech giant. If it works towards overcoming all its shortcomings and allegations, it will truly stand as the leading tech giant in the industry.

Creator: Justin Sullivan | Credit: Getty Images

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