Instagram Is Adding Take A Break Prompts, & Is Letting Users Reply To Comments On Posts Shared To Facebook

Instagram is working on a new prompt, urging users to take a break. Developers are also working on viewing and replying to comments on posts shared to Facebook from Instagram.

Instagram shares the unfortunate spotlight of being a sister platform to the social network itself. However, not only is the platform doing very well for itself regardless, in some categories its even out shadowing Facebook. The social media platform, much more heavily reliant on picture and video based content than Facebook, enjoys a popularity within younger demographics that the other has yet to fully muster. This attention also makes Instagram a very lucrative marketplace, since youngsters are, after all, very active consumers. However, this also comes with it's own problems. Social media addiction, while definitely a bit overblown by our technologically out of touch seniors, is a very serious and debilitating condition. Times are rough and more often than not users can get unnecessarily long exposure to content that can be hurtful and harmful.

Naturally, Instagram has a responsibility to make itself a safer social space for the community to coexist in. We have to watch out for the younger ones. Instagram's idea of watching out, however, may not be the most inspired. As per reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi, the platform's adding in prompts that remind users to take a break from social media. These prompts can be set up through the Your Activity interface, where they can be adjusted to appear after a specific time being online. While this definitely helps out individuals looking to do their homework, there aren't really any other major applications. Ultimately, take a break is a feature that will be impressive for the first three prompts, and will then promptly be forgotten.

The other new feature that Instagram has introduced is the ability to view comments and replies on content shared to Facebook. With both platforms being owned by parent company Meta, there's a lot of interactivity between them that's been adjusted for. Chats to both Messenger and Instagram can be accessed by either one of the apps, for starters. This new feature will also make keeping track of one's posts easier, since now no one has to actively go to Facebook in order to see how a post is doing. Instagram's enough to check comments, replies, and contribute to the conversation as well.

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