Facebook Is Adding In A New Group Type, And Is Also Improving Targeted Ads By Collecting Users Feedback

Facebook is developing an update to its interface, asking users whether or not they'd like to see more or less of certain ads being thrown their way. In another update, a new group type by the name of Single-Theme has been introduced to the interface as well.

The relationship between Facebook and ads is a long and complicated one. Actually, to rephrase myself, the relationship between ads and Facebook is completely fine. It's the general userbase that hates it. Advertisements are never fun to encounter, let's all be honest. Even if we were to ignore fatigue stemming from living in a world that relies far too much on excessive consumerism, ads take users away out of the experience that they're having. While it's relatively easier to ignore ads on social media feeds than on, say, TV or YouTube, they're still not a welcome sight. However, what's worse are the companies behind advertisements and what the likes of Facebook let them get away with.

Advertisers can easily harvest user data in the name of delivering targeted advertisements to users. User data can, and often does, involve many personal details such as location data and browser history, regardless of whether or not a user consents to giving these up in the first place. It's all a mess, and it's frankly a major reason as to why this author dislikes Meta, Facebook's parent company. This recent feature has to do with at least making targeted ads a bit more useful, if they won't go away. Users will encounter a prompt underneath the ads, asking whether or not the advertisement seems important and relevant, as spotted by Matt Navarra. If not, then Facebook will show less of such ads. If yes, the opposite. This is a feature that already exists on sister platform Instagram, so maybe the social network was just slower on the draw?

The next feature we're discussing has to do with a new group type. Group types were introduced to Facebook with the intention of helping differentiate different groups on the basis of the services they provide. Accordingly, each group type also comes with it's own slew of specialized features. Jobs, for example, is a group type that lets users get templates with job salary, location, and hours being written in to make recruitment easier. This new type, labelled Single-Theme, simplifies image sharing and makes posting Reels and photos quicker. The purpose, judging by Facebook's history, could be to help out meme groups or channels along the lines of The LAD Bible, which rely on short, funny videos.

Viral content makes money, and Facebook would obviously want to promote that. And advertisements too, Facebook seemingly can't get enough of those.

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