Google’s Android App Might Get a Chat Head for Quick Searching

Google has been focusing quite a bit on making it so that it can figure out how it can go about maximizing the efficacy of its search engine. This is essential because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing the company to stay relevant in the face of significant competition that is coming from a wide range of places, and one of the ways that it is about to do this is by modifying its Android app with a chat head that will facilitate both text as well as search based queries in a really significant manner.

This might be an offshoot of the Google Assistant chat head that ended up never really seeing the light of day, and the fact that it is being integrated directly into Google Search might just be a far better use for this kind of feature. A deconstruction of Google’s recent APK by 9to5G has revealed that this chat bubble might just be on the cards, and it can enable users to start looking into using voice activated search which can make it a lot easier to get to the kinds of answers that you might be looking for.

It is essential that Google updates its search capabilities in this regard, and chances are that this might just enable a lot of users to start to feel more confident about whether or not they can get the right responses to their search queries. The design appears to be quite subtle, not really disrupting the visual appearance of app itself. That’s important due to the reason that it can enable users to start utilizing the feature without having to notice any extreme changes in the manner in which it might look to them at that precise moment in time all in all.

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