Google Search to Feature New Carousel With Video Results, Experiments With Feeling Curious

Google’s search engine updates have been frequent and diverse, and they might change the way we find information online entirely. A major update that many are now seeing in Google is a separate carousel for video results. This isn’t the first time Google has incorporated videos into its SERP. The tech giant has been experimenting with different ways to show searchers video results after starting to index videos that have the correct metadata, and this carousel is the latest representation of that process.

The carousel is called “Found in videos” and it is located in the Videos tab, as first spotted by SaadAK. That would incorporate videos that contain information pertaining to your search query, something that would likely factor into a lot of YouTubers’ decisions regarding what content they should create. While this does create a bit of a closed loop since many, if not most, of the videos come from Google’s own subsidiary YouTube, there aren’t many major competitors out there that can boast as diverse a library so in a way YouTube’s heavy presence in this carousel might just be justified with all things having been considered and taken into account.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Google is experimenting with a lot more than just this new carousel. The “Feeling Curious” feature has been a unique and quirky aspect of Google for quite some time now. The way it works is that you can type “I’m feeling curious” into the Google search bar and you will get a random fact in exchange which can be a fun way to spend your time.

As per Brian Freiesleben, Google is now giving the Feeling Curious feature its own dedicated section. However, it’s not quit the same as the aforementioned feature. Rather, it is a section that will show you related to your search query, even if they might not directly pertain to whatever it is that you were searching for, as its description tells the same "Look through more topics". This can be quite useful because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up expanding your knowledge about a particular topic as well as give you leads to help you in your research.

All in all, these updates are the latest in a long line of updates that Google has been making recently, and they are both being received quite well on social media platforms like Twitter. The similarities between the “Feeling Curious” label and the “I’m feeling curious” search query might cause some confusion, but the latter will quickly become a commonplace aspect of Google searching so that confusion should be alleviated in time.

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