Google is urging users to update their Chrome browser, before they disable Chrome Sync in the old versions

Google is the world leading tech firm in a lot of aspects. The company not only owns the top search engine in the world, but also has the ownership of several great software’s and applications, including Chrome browser. However, having many great apps and software’s to its name has not made Google reach where it is at today, but it is because of its ability to stay up to date with the evolving world of technology.

Google hence keeps on introducing update specially on Chrome, updating them or not depends on you. However, now updating Chrome may be necessary. Why? Well, because Google is introducing its Chrome version M96 and the tech firm has announced that it will be ending the Chrome Sync support for any device running the M48 or previous versions.

This means all devices will have to be updated to at least version M49 if they want to have access to the Chrome Sync support.

If we are going too fast, and you don’t know what a Chrome Sync is, let us update you on that too. Chrome Sync is basically a feature in Chrome, which stores user’s passwords, bookmarks, history etc., and sync all this information to your Gmail account. Hence, for example, whenever you want to insert a password anywhere it will already be in your Chrome’s memory and whenever you want to insert that password your Chrome will do it for you. This can be done on both desktops and mobile phones simultaneously considering if both have the same Google account for Chrome.

This same technique will also help you sign in all your Google and affiliated apps and continue working either from phone or laptops because considering information will be saved, it will show you the exact same data and material.

In a post, the product support manager at Google, Craig Tumblison, stated that is users are putting off their update they should do it immediately because after a specific time frame and several warnings later, Google will automatically turn your Chrome Sync off.

In case, you want to know how to update, it is very simple. Click on ‘More’ on the top right corner of the browser and then click on ‘Update Google Chrome.’ In case, the option is not there, don’t worry, this means you already are updated to the current version.

Google will also post warnings to people who are not updating their Chrome to the latest version. The Google icon will appear green if the update had been launched two days ago, orange if the update is four days old and red if it has exceeded a launch of one week.

Updating Google will only prove beneficial for people and if you haven’t updated it, it is about time you do so as well.

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