Facebook’s Meta Rebrand Has Nothing to Do With Controversy, Says Facebook Marketing Chief

Recently Facebook Inc., the company that owns the single biggest social media platform in the world by total number of users, rebranded itself as Meta. This came amidst widespread controversy after a whistleblower revealed that Facebook’s algorithm favors content that involves misinformation, conspiracy theories and other incendiary topics. However, Alex Schultz, Facebook’s Chief Marketing Officer, claims that the rebrand is not an attempt to run away from the controversy, but is rather something that Facebook is doing for other reasons that have nothing to do with the constant criticism that the company has been receiving.

Facebook is definitely trying to focus more on the metaverse, but the reasoning for that might not be quite as unrelated as Schultz is trying to make it out to be. However, he did say that Facebook had been mulling a rebrand since as early as March of this year, and that the name “Meta” had been selected back in August.

However, the timing of the rebrand and the speed with which it happened is definitely suspect, although many would take what the former Facebook CMO, and now Meta CMO, has to say about the matter at hand at face value.

Facebook has already gotten to work diversifying its interests by hiring around 10,000 new employees in Europe who will work on a wide range of products including VR and AR tech. Facebook, which most people are now going to be referring to as Meta, is also hammering out a deal with Ray Ban to create wearables, so it might just be that the company has seen the limits of its social media product.

Some might criticize Meta as a way for Facebook to not fix the issues that are prevalent on its social media platform, but we will have to wait and see what happens in this regard.

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