Facebook Is Circumventing Apple's 30% Cut By Offering Content Creators Subscription Links

Facebook has found a way around Apple's 30% cut of transactions made by content creators on the platform by creating custom Subscription links.

This new development was revealed by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post, where he elaborated on the importance of giving creators on the platform near complete access to the money that they make, with tax deductions being an exception. Taking on Apple is one thing, taking on the IRS on the other hand is a challenge no one's up to. Either way, the post's point was that Subscription links would be formed via which users could pay their favorite content creators directly, without any third party involvement being part of the mix. Which, of course, is a development that Apple will not be the least bit happy about.

While Facebook obviously wants content creators on its platforms to do well and earn more since that pays off for the social network in the future, a part of this writer wonders whether or not personal malice is a part of this new decision. The fact of the matter is that Facebook and Apple are a bit more than just rivals in the tech industry; they really do not like each other. While such mutual feelings were definitely hinted at before, the real kicker ended up being Apple's Tracking and Transparency features, which led to Facebook losing literal billions in ad revenue. Of course, even if the end result was Apple user safety and privacy, Facebook contested the new changes very intensely, with any number of complaints, news publications, and posts. Either way, Facebook lost a lot of its revenue, and now it's making sure that Apple does the same. How poetic.

As much as this author is not a fan of Facebook, Meta, or any of their actions and subsidiaries, it must be admitted that they're in the right here. To an extent, at least. Apple's 30% cut is rather excessive, and often cripples earnings for content creators entirely. These aren't all affluent individuals, to whom 30% is a relative drop in the bucket. 30% is all the difference between being able to save up for the future or barely being able to pay one's monthly bills. With Apple being the multi-billion megacorporation that it is, such behavior is actively harmful to content creators, and one could even call the entire matter unethical.

Either way, Apple's greed is it's own to measure. Facebook may have come up with a solution, but let's see how long it takes the former to catch up to the latter's antics.

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