Facebook adds a new feature in 'Spotlight Conversations' which will now separate the comments under two sections

Facebook for the longest time has been the leading social media giant. This is because of its ability to quickly adapt to the latest trends and come up with updates of its own. One such trend which Facebook was not short on hoping was the introduction of an audio conversation feature similar to what Clubhouse introduced and now Facebook is testing a new feature named ‘Spotlight.’

In Spotlight, Facebook has added a separate column for users who are not a direct part of the conversation on the topic. This means that users who are not host of the conversation and are just readers brought into the chat by a link which entertains only a limited number will now will still be able to comment but their comment will be shown in a different section.

The new feature, in short, will show comments on the Spotlight conversation in two separate columns now. With the host, guest column and viewers who are chosen by the host to comment showing under the heading of ‘Spotlight’ and the other on chosen listeners comment under the heading of ‘Others.’

Other viewers and the host will still be able to view your comments and read them.

The feature is similar to what Twitter introduced last year where it now allows Tweet creators to limit who can comment on their post by mentioning their names and apart from them the platform restricts anyone else from commenting though you can still see the tweet.

The purpose of this feature is quite simple. It is introduced to keep conversations relevant. Prior to this feature, when everyone could comment under the same box, genuine comments which were directly related to the topic of conversations was lost under the comments of those which were just spamming. Hence Facebook realized the issue and introduced this feature order to fix it.

With this now, the topic will stay on track, host and guest speakers will be able to see the genuine comments more clearly and the conversation will be maintained quite smoothly in the future.

It is great that Facebook is working on features immediately after realizing the issue that they are showing.

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