Facebook tests new features for its users including playback speed option and rewind feature for live videos and giving the option to group admin to allow custom emojis reaction

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of users across the world. The social media platform always tries to satisfy its users by providing the best features according to their needs. Recently, it tested plenty of new features by keeping in view about latest trends. There are total of three features in number and among them; two features are related to videos including Playback Speed option random videos and Rewind option for live videos. The third one is related to the group reaction emoji that will give full control to the group admins about which emoji members can use and which is not.

The first feature that the platform tests, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, is the Playback Speed option that will give its users a similar option that YouTube provides. It’s quite a late introduction from the platform but still a good option as it can give users a choice to slow down the video and they can also increase the speed of the video according to their choice. Users can upsurge or decrease the speed of the video with a gap of 0.25x times.

The second feature is related to the live videos. Many people get the late notification of live videos and ultimately they miss a major part of the live video. Many fans do not want to skip even a second of the video especially when they are watching their favorite celebrities. The platform has introduced the rewind option in the live videos that will provide a possibility to watch the rest of the video that the users have missed. Now, it does not matter whether users have joined late, they can watch the live streaming from the start to an end.

The third feature that the platform has unveiled is giving the possibility to the group admins to choose the emoji reactions. After this feature, the group administrators will decide which reaction emojis, users can use in their posts. It can be very embarrassing when someone has posted a serious post and many people deliberately use the laughing emoji. These types of reactions add fuel to fire on the group post and members get frustrated. This option will provide full control so that they will be able to choose them particular emoji for a specific post.

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