Clubhouse Is Posting Updates About How Well Its Recent Pinned Links Feature Is Performing Within The Community

Clubhouse has recently updated users about its recently introduced Pinned Links feature, its popularity, and how it’s been implemented by different users across the platform.

Clubhouse is an audio based social media platform that lets users engage with each other via chatrooms. The rooms accommodate thousands of individual accounts, essentially likening themselves to the audio form of a subreddit. Clubhouse’s entire take on the social media platform concept is a very fun twist, that also accounts for a lot of the popularity it currently enjoys. Even if the site isn’t considered up in the lights with the likes of Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, it still enjoys millions of users and a very active community that readily engages with each other. Another metric via which Clubhouse’s relevance and popularity can be measured is via the number of platforms that have tried to jump on its bandwagon and provide competition. Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Twitter Spaces, and Reddit Talk are only some of the new off-shoots that have emerged ever since Clubhouse decided to make its mark on the social media industry.

Of course, building an adoring community of active users (some of whom proudly call themselves neo-Nazis, but that’s a problem for another day) is one thing. Keeping and maintaining them, however, is quite another. The latter requires commitment, regularity, and of course a slew of updates and interface tweaks in order to keep everything relatively fresh and interesting. That’s where the recent feature of Pinned Links comes into play. Pinned links is a feature via which users can share information such as pictures, videos, and articles related to the chat room with everyone else in there. It’s essentially yet another way that Clubhouse chat rooms solidify themselves as being similar to subreddits.

What’s even more interesting is that, unlike your average social media platform, Clubhouse decided to give users updates on how well the feature’s doing. Rarely do you see a social media site just doling out updates on a feature that’s been introduced. Platforms such as Facebook will sometimes not even inform users of updates being made, let alone update them on progress. However, Clubhouse has decided to be a bit more transparent and flashy in their presentation. Pinned links have seen over 5 million clicks one month after their introduction in October. Link usage is also increasing at a steady 12% rate. Platforms such as TED and speakers such as climate activist Maya Penn have even hosted sessions using Pinned Links.

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